Charged Water

Water Is Essential To Life

On the physical level water purity is defined by the chemical make-up of the water including minerals, toxins, nitrates, pesticides, chlorine, fluoride, etc…
On the energetic level water purity is reflected by the water’s ability to freeze into a coherent ice crystal; where as the geometric pattern of the ice crystal reflects its energy…

We know that the energetic essence   is just as important for water quality!

Masuro Emoto  discovered physical evidence of the bio-energetic effect on water through freezing water into crystals ‘charged’ with different thought-forms and energies… as you may guess water charged with positive energy reflected symmetrically beautiful geometries whereas
negatively charged water displayed incoherent patterns…
The geometric pattern of the water crystal reflects its energy!

Viktor Schauberger revolutionized water vortexing by studying nature. We use systems based on Viktor’s work to ‘activate’ water to make it ‘living’ which enhances the desirable properties of the water itself. Creating a Vortex helps to energize the water. Vortexing will actually saturate water molecules with electrons (like what
happens in nature) instead of ripping electrons off the outer shell of water molecules (like what happens in our water

Vortex Brewing is vortexing water to brew the biodynamic formulas with the water.  Water vortexing activates the compounds, adds energy, and creates a natural environment for probiotic microbes.  This creates optimal conditions for plants to absorb nutrients and feed themselves.  Vortex Brewing is an integral part of BioDynamics and Sacred Agriculture. When a vortex forms phase conjugation occurs which means that all the atoms are aligning themselves in an organized pattern which ‘creates’ or ‘allows’ energy flow. Vortexing water adds more energy to the water and structures it in a beneficial way in a reflection of Nature.

OceanGold was born from the expansion of the life work of Dr. Maynard Murray, medical doctor, researcher and author of the book Sea Energy Agriculture and combined with the groundbreaking and forward looking work of Rudolph Steiner and Viktor Schauberger.  Steiner’s gift of the biodynamic Earth healing remedies and Schauberger’s insightful understanding of the energetic flow patterns of water have been combined to enhance a blend of pure energized water with Himalayan Crystal Salt. The result is a synergistic, biodynamically charged and enhanced sea mineral concentrate that supplies all naturally occurring elements (at least 92 of them) in a buffered ionic solution ready for plant uptake.  OceanGold enhances soil biology, balances mineral nutrients and stimulates the soil’s energetic processes.

OceanGold is made by our good friend Kevin Kuene, a Master Farmer from Wisconsin, who embraces the flow and wisdom of Spirit and Nature to inspire his ability to grow great food.

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