About Us

Thus SuperCharge! Foods was born in 2008 as a grass-roots movement to feed people holistically to facilitate life growth!

Consuming LIVE FOOD delivers LIFE FORCE ENERGY along with the necessary chemistry to build a healthy body and optimize functioning!  Your body is alive.  When dead food is consumed the body needs to add LIVE ENERGY to it in order to make it into a LIVE BODY.

How We Got Started

In the late 1990’s, co-Owners TJ DiCiaula and P.T. Bjerke engaged in contemplative discussion about human conscious evolution, mental revolution, and Spiritual freedom in alignment with planetary sustainability. After reading The Secret Life of Plants (1973) by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird; the seed was planted for integrating plant consciousness into our food to ‘Elevate the People.’
10 years later; after extensive research, formal and informal education and trainings, personal and spiritual development programs, and alignment with Nature ~ it became evident that the ‘Grass Roots’ mechanism for holistic health, community, sustainability, and life growth DOES exist in our food systems.

Our Mission

Our mission at SuperCharge! Foods is to Facilitate Life Growth through holistic nourishment, sustainability and community. We have mindfully selected the most nutrient-dense MicroGreens! to grow with our SuperCharge! process, in order to deliver holistic goodness to the People.

Our Story

When people are properly nourished, we are able to use higher brain functions and navigate life in a place of abundance, health, creativity, and community. And more likely to FEEL GOOD! When people are deficient in nutrition, their state of health is more likely to be reflected in a ‘fight or flight’ survival state mentality. The brain functions become dualistic centered in the reptilian lobe making people more likely to see others as competition for food and contrary and different rather than Brothers and Sisters of the Human race together on Planet Earth.
The SuperCharge! philosophy is to feed the people holistically so everyOne feels better, works better, gets along better; increasing the availability to Live One’s Dream in harmony with the Universe. We suggest doing this one day at a time by feeding the body what it needs to feel good!
We found that the minerals that make up your body are essential to optimal health and well-being. We are what we eat, but more importantly we also are what we eat EATS! What and how we feed our plants is important.
We have found our 3 main crops to some of the most efficient foods discovered on the planet: SuperSweet WheatGrass Hi-Power SunFlower Full-of-CHI PeaShoots.

Meet Our Staff

P.T. Bjerke

TJ DiCiaula

Jamaal Stricklin

Matt Roellig

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