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Explore our cultivation of nutrient-rich microgreens, from seed selection to harvest. We focus on freshness and quality at every step for superior taste and health benefits..
About Us

Energetic Foods with a Purpose

Our mission at SuperCharge! Foods is to facilitate life growth through holistic nourishment, sustainability and community.

We have mindfully selected the most nutrient-dense Microgreens! to grow with our proprietary SuperCharge! process, in order to deliver holistic, nutritious goodness to the People.

We have transparency in our farming practices using no toxic chemicals or GMO’s.

Our goal in our beyond organic biodynamic philosophy is to be as aligned with the harmony of Nature as possible in order to offer folks the best food possible!

P.T. Bjerke - Owner SuperCharge! Foods

P.T. Bjerke

Healthy Foods

Our Microgreens Provide Optimum Nutrition

High in Vitamins

High in Minerals

Plant Based Protein

Amino Acids

Live Enzymes


GMO Free

100% Organic


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Popular Services

We Provide Nutrient Dense Food Items for Optimum Nutrition

Fresh Microgreens

Fresh Microgreens

Nutrient dense and long shelf life.
Whole Food Smoothies

Whole Food Smoothies

Delicious whole food smoothies.
Vegan & Vegetarian Foods

Vegan & Vegetarian Foods

Ready-to-eat nutritious foods.
woman holding microgreens
Cold-Pressed Juices

Cold-Pressed Juices

Fresh juices for concentrated nutrition


Some of the best wheatgrass there is. Sweet and rich.
Wellness Shots

Wellness Shots

Ginger, turmeric, beet, and elixrs for an added boost.
Client Feedback

What’s Our Clients Say About Our Organic Foods

Sarah S.
SuperCharge! Foods provides me with foods that when I eat them, I can feel the difference when I eat them. I have more energy and a feeling of overall well-being.
Sarah S. Yoga Instructor
Klara M.
I use SuperCharge! Foods Microgreens in multiple dishes at my restaurant. They give my dishes an element of flair as well as an added boost of nutrition.
Klara M. Restaurant Owner
Jason N.
I cook with SuperCharge! Microgreens all the time. I love that I am adding superfoods to what I eat normally to improve my nutrition and health.
Jason N. Customer
Amy A.
Thier wheatgrass is the sweetest I've ever had, it's very sweet and rich. I drink a wheatgrass shot everyday to supplement my nutrition.
Amy A. Customer
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