Preparing Wheatgrass Shots

Wisconsin’s Best Wheatgrass

WheatGrass juice is a fantastic way to give your body the nutrition it needs not only to survive but to thrive! We grow WheatGrass because it is one of if not THE most complete nutrient dense plant on the planet. Containing all minerals while being a complete protein source, WheatGrass juice offers both nourishing and detoxifying live enzymes and goodness in an easily assimilated chlorophyll rich liquid! When grown the SuperCharge Way it tastes sweet and green! We have people from all over the country tell us ours is the sweetest grass they've ever tasted! Check out our WheatGrass shots at the SuperCharge bar; or buy it by the pound for home juicing... we'll even juice it in bulk for you to carry out for no additional cost! Regular users will find our CSA program offers a nice discount on share purchases! For more information check out our website under CSA or come talk to us at the bar! CHEERS- to SuperCharge YOU! SuperCharge! Foods

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