For someone looking to grow their own wheatgrass at home, what are the absolute basics they should have in terms of equipment? Are there any climates which aren't conducive to growing wheatgrass and if so, what steps can they take to remedy this (if at all possible)? To grow WheatGrass at home you will need a tray, medium, seed, water, nutrients.  Lights may be necessary but good light through a window can also work.  WheatGrass doesn't like it over 72 degrees or high humidity.  Fans can be used to provide some wiggle-room in conditions.  Of course the more conducive the environment is to facilitate life growth the better.  We've used sacred geometry, crystals, sound, grounding, and harmonizing technologies to optimize our growing environment in the middle of a city beckoned with wi-fi, emf's, emissions, radiation, pollution, etc.  You can do what you can and know to create a comfortable growing space for your plants.  Most of all the grower's Love and attention tends to be the most influential piece in the growing process. if you are interested in growing your own food and would like more information ~ check out this event at Paradigm Gardens:  Grow Your Own MicroGreens with SuperCharge! Foods

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