Where to Buy?

Restaurants and institutions that offer our MicroGreens.

Pig in a Fur Coat Estrellon
Red Sushi Red Sushi
UW Health Fluno
Forage Bowl of Heaven
Fair Trade Rosies’
La Brioche Bloom Bakeshop
Charlies Salads Up
Liliana’s Bear and Bottle
Fuegos Salvatore’s Pizza
Beans & Barely Beans and Cream Cafe
Harvest Cafe’ Social
Heritage Kitshinn
Native Food Network Cloud Red
Savory Creations  City Market
Le Chateau  Elite Nutrition
Manna Cafe Harvest
Green Bush Ale Asylum

Stores where people can buy our products.

Willy Street Coop North, East, & West

Jenifer Street Market

Regent Market Coop
Capitol Centre Market
Lake Mills Market

Woodman’s Sun Prairie, East, & West

HyVee East and West

People’s Food Coop
Metcalfe’s Hilldale & West Towne

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